Employee promise

Employee promise

We are committed to providing all of our employees with a safe, friendly and supportive workplace and to being a good company to work for. Our employee promise is all about how we treat one another and what you should expect every time you come to work.

Paid for all the work you do

We ask you to always clock in and clock out; you should be paid for every minute you work.

Time spent training is always paid, whether it takes place at home or at work.

Time to work and time to rest

We’ll give you daily rest breaks. You should have at least 12 hours’ rest between shifts and at least one rest day each week. No shift should be longer than 10 hours – and there should be no split shifts.

Keep all of your tips

You are responsible for paying any tax and/or national insurance due on tips.

Receive your rota at least three weeks in advance

Any subsequent changes should be agreed on between you and your manager.

No long close-downs

We aim for a maximum working time of 90 minutes after the pub’s closing time, eg if the pub closes at midnight, all employees finish their shift by 1.30am.

Guaranteed minimum-hour contract

Receive a guaranteed number of hours each week. Extra hours may be offered, if available.

Dignity at work

Everyone should be treated fairly and work in an environment free from harassment, victimisation and bullying. Employee harassment, from other employees or customers, is not, under any circumstances, permitted or condoned in the work environment. We take a proactive approach to preventing harassment in our workplace, with managers trained to support employees and to risk assess their pubs to address harassment.


Employees have an equal opportunity to develop their career, including a non-biased selection process for promotional opportunities and training.

Flexible ways of working

Wetherspoon is committed to providing equality of opportunity in employment and to developing work practices and policies which support work-life balance.

We are an inclusive employer, with our general approach to flexible working being to offer flexible shifts and to work with people on changing shift patterns, but we do also have a formal flexible working process for those who want patterns to be more stable.

Sabbatical leave

If you have a minimum of five years’ continuous service, you can apply for an unpaid work sabbatical of between three and 12 months.

Tax-free childcare

Under the government’s tax-free childcare scheme, you can get up to £500 every three months (up to £2,000 a year) for each of your children, to help with the cost of childcare. This goes up to £1,000 every three months (up to £4,000 a year), if a child is disabled.

Holiday/annual leave

Associate, team leader, shift leader, shift manager, kitchen manager, deputy manager and hotel manager receive 28 days’ annual entitlement.

Pub managers receive 30 days’ annual entitlement.

Head-office employees receive 25 days’ annual entitlement, plus statutory bank holidays.

Employees with more than 20 years’ service receive an additional five days’ annual entitlement.

A prorata calculation for holiday entitlement, based on days or hours worked, will be made, if you do not work a full five-day shift pattern or if you start employment part way through a holiday year.

Wetherspoon employee app – myJDW

Keep up to date with your work schedule and the information you need to do your job, while on the move, with the ability to view rotas and receive real-time updates.

Student policy

If you’re a student and living in two locations, you will be given the opportunity, where possible, to work in two pubs – one during term time and another during holiday time.

Students may require a leave of absence to focus on studies and/or examinations. Study leave is unpaid, but you are able to request up to two weeks at any time and for each term period.

Family friendly

We know that all families are different, but Wetherspoon is committed to supporting you and your family and has several family-friendly policies and support available to you.

Commuting safely

We share tips on commuting to and from the workplace, aiming to ensure that you arrive and leave safely.

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