Staff Stories

From cleaners to pub managers

From cleaners to pub managers – sisters Agnieszka and Boguslawa share their story.

When Agnieszka Seemungal came to England, in 1997, on a two-week holiday, her cousin Eugenia persuaded her to stay – and now, 25 years later, she is the pub manager at The New Crown (Southgate).

Agnieszka spoke so highly of the place that her younger sister, Boguslawa Kazberuk, subsequently came to join her. Boguslawa is now the pub manager at Wetherspoon’s Leicester Square venue, The Moon Under Water.

Happy manager

Happy manager Ian puts his success down to chemistry.

Pub manager Ian Gardner may have worked for Wetherspoon for over 20 years, but regular changes and innovations across the company, as well as his working environment, always bring a fresh new challenge.

Ian reported: “During my career with the company, there has been some change every few years – this offers a dynamic new look to my job… which is absolutely great.”

Ian concluded: “I am lucky to be in the position where I am. I have a great job, in a brilliant pub, in a place which I love.”

Champagne gift

Champagne gift shows Julie she’s truly valued.

Long-serving staff member Julie Hall received Champagne, flowers and a certificate to mark her two decades with the company.

Julie switched to a part-time role, as floor and bar associate, six years ago when she lost her mum and had to juggle childcare along with her job.

She recalled: “The past 20 years have gone by so quickly; when I joined the company, I didn’t dream in a million years that I would still be here 20 years later.”

Road trip

Quest for driving lessons steers Mensah to the top.

Mensah Richardson joined the team at The Moon and Spoon (Slough), as a part-time floor associate, aged 19.

He recalled: “I wanted the part-time work to pay for driving lessons, because a friend and I were planning a road trip across Europe.”

After joining the company in 2012, Mensah’s progress has been swift. He became a team leader in 2013, shift leader in 2015 and a duty manager by 2017. He then took over as pub manager at The Moon and Spoon in May 2018.