Pay and rewards

It’s a people thing…

Our employees work hard – we’re proud of their efforts, so we pay and reward well. That’s why, among other things, from day one, we pay above national living wage for every minute you work, offer you a complimentary meal on every shift and give you an employee discount to use in your free time!

We want your new job to turn into a career with us, so, with our training plans, development opportunities and loyalty schemes (like increased pay and additional holiday allowance), the longer you stay, the more you’ll get!

When you join Wetherspoon, you’ll gain access to our employee app, myJDW, through which you’ll have access to detailed information about your pay and benefits. Here are some highlights of what you can expect.

Associates’ pay and bonus

At Wetherspoon, we are committed to ensuring that our staff are rewarded for their hard work. Our success is down to the fantastic teams running our pubs.

We ask you to always clock in and clock out, so that we can pay you for every minute you work. Also, your time spent training is always paid, whether it takes place at home or at work.

Associates, team leaders and shift leaders are paid by the hour, receiving their pay weekly.

Managers’ pay and bonus

100% of our pub managers are promoted from within the business. They have plenty of first-hand experience of what it’s like to serve customers, prepare their food and welcome them to our hotels.

Our managers support, motivate and develop our pub teams. We reward them for their commitment to the company and their continuous efforts to make our pubs so successful.

Shift, kitchen, hotel, deputy and pub managers receive their pay monthly.

Rewards for everyone

If we asked our employees what their most valued reward is, there would be many different answers!

From free food and free shares to company pension schemes, we believe that we have some of the best perks available in the industry and offer something for all of our employees to enjoy.

Whether you’re looking to join us as your first job or seeking a career change, we’ll welcome you, look after you and reward you!


At Wetherspoon, we are committed to ensuring that our staff are rewarded for their hard work.

We are committed to providing all of our employees with a safe, friendly and supportive workplace and to being a good company to work for. Our employee promise is all about how we treat one another and what you should expect every time you come to work.