Looking after our teams and one another

We support the well-being of our employees on a wide range of physical health, mental health and welfare issues, including those raised at the recruitment stage. Wetherspoon seeks to make those necessary adjustments reasonably required to help employees to maintain employment and to ensure that they are not harmed by their work.

The company is committed, at all times, to supporting positive mental health in the workplace and assisting employees, wherever possible, with mental health problems. Managers are given training to support our aim of encouraging positive mental well-being and health in the workplace (and outside of work) – an important part of the company’s commitment to being a Top Employer.

The range of support available to all employees is detailed in the mental health and well-being policy and includes a well-being checklist, a wellness recovery action plan and, through the Licensed Trade Association, confidential external counselling for all employees.

Pub and area managers can offer further support and guidance to line managers and employees, as required.

In addition, any employee can apply to the independent welfare committee for additional financial, pastoral and/or occupational health support. All requests are considered and responded to weekly.

We offer a range of flexible working arrangements and hours to support employees in different stages of their career and life.

The company is also committed to ensuring that all employees have access to the right information and resources at the right time. Every employee has access to the employee app from day one of employment, including instant access to all of the company’s policies and procedures.

To assist both employees and managers with specific welfare situations, the company now has policies on the following:

  • Disability support and examples of reasonable adjustments
  • Domestic abuse
  • Fertility
  • Line managers’ mental health support
  • Perimenopause and menopause
  • Pregnancy loss
  • Stress management

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