Managers’ pay and bonus

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All pubs are allocated a pay band and, in some cases, an additional pay weighting is allocated, eg for pubs inside the M25.

We regularly review your pay rates to ensure that you are paid correctly for your role, location, knowledge and experience. 

Training completion reward

We pay additional rates on completion of shift leader training and at increments throughout, and on completion of, shift/kitchen manager training.

Service loyalty reward 

We also pay additional rates per hour as a service loyalty reward.

We advertise minimum salaries, based on a 40-hour working week. However, higher salaries may be paid to those pub managers demonstrating higher levels of capability and competence or running specific pubs, where particular skills or experience is required.

Management bonus scheme

As a pub-based employee, you will automatically be enrolled in the pub bonus scheme. The associate bonus scheme has four elements: sales; profit; CQSMA (our measure of standards of cleanliness, quality, service, maintenance and atmosphere); audit performance. Bonus payments, when due, are paid monthly and/or quarterly with employees’ pay. Shift, kitchen and hotel managers can earn up to an additional 25% of their pay in bonus. Deputy managers can earn up to an additional 35% and pub managers an additional 50%.

In addition to this, salaried managers can earn an additional bonus for each day of the audit period when a green rating is achieved.

Example of total reward

Examples based on managers working 40 hours a week.

 New shift managerKitchen manager,
training complete,
three years in role
Pub manager,
five years in role
Annually, earn up to£34,913
Basic salary£27,346
Total bonus possible£7,566
Average annual bonus for this role£1,914
Rates shown are for UK- and ROI-based pubs

95% of eligible employees earned some bonus last year.

At the Wethercentre, the bonus scheme offers a potential payment of up to 30% of annual salary.

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