Rewards for everyone

Benefits available to all

Free food at work

All pub employees are offered a complimentary meal and a soft or hot drink, while at work. This can be consumed immediately before, during or after a shift.

Employee discount

A discount on all food, drinks and hotel accommodation.

The discount can be extended to include up to three other people – if they are eating or drinking with you or staying with you at a hotel.

Hotel accommodation – the discount applies to a maximum of four people in two rooms, including the employee. At certain times of the year, there may be a restriction on the number of rooms available at a discounted rate.

Further pay increases

Further pay increases are awarded, based on the length of service.

Refer a friend

Recommend a friend to work with us; when that friend has completed six weeks’ service, you will receive a cash bonus.

Company sick pay 

The amount received depends on the job role and start date.

Free shares in the company

In Wetherspoon, every employee, after 18 months’ service, is entitled to free shares in the company. What this means is that you get to own a very small part of the entire company. The shares you are given can be sold, if you wish, at any time (after a qualifying period), with the money you receive being yours to keep.

Partnership share plan (UK)

Employees with more than 18 months’ service are eligible to join the partnership share plan and purchase partnership shares. Partnership shares are a tax-efficient way to invest in Wetherspoon. 

Loyalty reward

As a reward for loyalty, additional paid holiday is awarded at five, 10, 15 and 20 years’ service.

Additional free shares and pension contributions are awarded after 25 years’ service.

Private medical insurance (UK)

For weekly paid employees, we work with a health cash plan provider which delivers affordable ways to help you to cover the cost of everyday health care.

You pay a premium for the scheme, to suit your individual needs, and you then claim cashback for your treatments, as and when you need them. The scheme also covers, at no extra cost, the health care of your children. Your spouse/partner can also be added, at an additional cost.

As a fully trained shift manager, pub manager or Wethercentre employee, you’ll be offered private medical healthcare. 


Every employer in the UK is legally required to enrol eligible staff into a pension scheme.

If you earn above the required threshold and are in the right age group, you will be enrolled automatically into a workplace pension scheme with NEST. The company will also make contributions to your pension.

As a fully trained shift manager, pub manager or Wethercentre employee, you’ll have the option to join the company pension scheme. Alongside your own contribution, the company will make contributions to your pension pot.

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