Our greatest asset

Our people are our greatest asset – and we are very proud of the recognition received from independent bodies awarding us in this area. Wetherspoon has been recognised by the Top Employers Institute as a ‘Top Employer United Kingdom’ for 19 years, including 2024.

Over 43,000 people are employed in pubs and hotels, in regional roles and at head office (Watford, Hertfordshire). In the Republic of Ireland, over 550 people are employed. The company does not employ anyone below either 16 years of age or the recognised school-leaving age.

Of our staff, 54% are aged 24 years or under; therefore, for many, this is their first experience of working. Many of our employees have chosen to spend their career with us and progressed through the company.

The average length of service for a pub manager is over 14 years and a kitchen manager over 10 years, while 33% of hourly paid employees have been with us for over three years.


Are employed on a guaranteed-hour contract

14.4 years

The average length of service
of pub managers


Of hourly paid employees have been with us for over three years

All staff are employed directly by the company, with the exception of a small number of head-office contractors, involved in specific project work.

Of hourly paid staff, 97% are employed on a guaranteed-hour contract. A minority of employees prefers the flexibility of a contract with no minimum hours. Where these contracts are used, employees receive exactly the same benefits as those on a guaranteed-hour contract, there is no sole-employer restriction and no obligation on employees to accept those hours offered. 

Training and career opportunities (including support with literacy, numeracy and vocational skills)

Our range of our training courses helps to motivate employees, providing them with the necessary skills to carry out their job to a consistently high standard.

The company strives to provide a career, rather than just a job, with those showing promise given the opportunity to progress. The nature of our business means that the company attracts applicants with a range of skills and experience. We offer employees apprenticeships and training programmes throughout their career with the company.

Internal progression is our main source of appointing job roles throughout the company.

All pub- and area-manager vacancies are filled by internal candidates.

In 2022/23, we promoted over 1,400 hourly paid staff to management positions.

Apprenticeships and qualifications

In the last 12 months, £3.2 million has been paid as an apprenticeship levy.

The apprenticeship programme develops specific skills, as well as improving English and maths through functional skills training.

Pay and rewards

We aim to offer fair and competitive rates of pay and benefits to our staff, including a bonus scheme to all employees.

Pay rates for all employees are above the relevant national minimum wage.

In addition to basic pay, all employees are eligible for a company bonus scheme. In the financial year ending July 2023, the company paid £36m in respect of bonuses and free shares to employees. Of the amount, 98.6% was paid to staff below board level and 83.4% to staff working in our pubs.

Since 2007, we have paid around £503m of bonuses and free shares, which is 53% of the total ‘profit after tax’ for the period, excluding 2020, 2021 and 2022. 

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