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Apprentice scheme helps our staff to ascend

From Cambridge to Clacton and Beccles to Blackburn – we have achievers all over the shop

Our apprenticeship programme, which complements our internal award-winning training, offers individuals real and clear career prospects with Wetherspoon.

As well as training and progression, our apprenticeships offer skills, knowledge and confidence-building – they have kick-started so many rewarding careers with the company.

With various levels of hospitality apprenticeship opportunities on offer, nationwide, there are so many career paths available to everyone.

We are so proud of the success gained by all of our apprenticeship achievers. As a company, we are committed to offering each staff member the best opportunity to succeed and grow within the company, including studying for qualifications and apprenticeships.

Here, we spotlight eight of our achievers, showcase apprenticeships at Wetherspoon and highlight the positive experiences and benefits of being part of the programme.

Name: Daniel Smith Position: Shift leader Pub: The Bluecoat (Rotherham)

Daniel said: “I was supported very well by my tutor. She was always there to answer any questions which I had about the course. If I needed any assistance, she was very helpful.

“I know more about the hospitality industry, as a whole, than I did before. I also learned more management skills, which has made me feel more confident.

“I believe that my apprenticeship could help me to gain further promotion to shift manager.”

Name: David Williams Position: Shift leader Pub: The Crown Inn (Knaresborough)

David said: “During my studies and on completion, the apprenticeship has helped my confidence for my role and responsibilities.

“I have already passed on some of my industry experience to other team members to encourage their development and ability.

“My overall grade was a distinction, and I was extremely pleased with the outcome. I would recommend a Wetherspoon apprenticeship to fellow employees.”

Name: Emily Cookson Position: Shift leader Pub: The Postal Order (Blackburn)

Emily said: “When I first started the apprenticeship, I was a team leader. The studies enabled me, I believe, to learn new roles and skills which have since led to my promotion to shift leader.

“The main benefit from completing the course is knowing a new range of skills and putting them into practice. To achieve a distinction made it even more worthwhile.

“I would be open to furthering my apprenticeship career, as there is still so much more to learn. The further you go means learning the skills to progress into management pathways.”

Name: Jacob Coles Position: Shift leader Pub: The Lantokay (Street)

Jacob said: “I was quite sceptical about doing the apprenticeship course, when I first started, but am glad that I followed through with it.

“It has helped me massively with my role. I now feel more confident talking about our products, talking to customers and working on the day-to-day tasks of the job.

“I would definitely recommend the apprenticeship programme to anyone thinking about furthering their career.”

Name: Jonathan Ayer Position: Shift manager Pub: The Kings Head Hotel (Beccles)

Jonathan said: “I would highly recommend the apprenticeship programme to anyone whose training for a current role has been completed, yet there is some doubt, perhaps, about progression.

“Having completed the course, I have a better understanding of my own skills and knowledge.

“It has helped a lot with confidence and helped me to know that I can apply my knowledge to a variety of situations.”

Name: Nicole Arnold Position: Shift manager Pub: Moon and Starfish (Clacton-on-Sea)

Nicole said: “I achieved an overall distinction in my course and, with the help of the apprenticeship, was able to progress in my job role.

“The most rewarding aspect is having a qualification to show at the end of it. I felt a sense of pride, throughout the course, getting feedback from my trainer and assessor. I will take that with me through life, knowing that I have achieved something great.

“Overall, it has taught me, if I put my mind to something and have a passion for it, that I can achieve good things.”

Name: Stefan Sabo Position: Kitchen team leader Pub: The Mile Castle (Newcastle)

Stefan said: “When I started the programme, I was at a small kitchen with a team of seven people. I have now moved to one of the busiest pubs in the company.

“Part of my apprenticeship was to understand different roles and types of people; this helped a lot as I moved to a bigger and busier kitchen.

“If anyone were to ask me whether an apprenticeship was good for them to complete, I would say go for it! You have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.”

Name: Teresa Templey Position: Shift manager Pub: The Regal (Cambridge)

Teresa said: “The apprenticeship helped me to mould myself as a leader and seek different approaches to various workplace scenarios. I have learned to be a better manager.

“I was extremely well supported by my trainer, Tracey, who was a huge help, and I could not be more grateful. Whether it was trying to understand something or just a chat, she was there for me.

“Having now completed my level 4 in hospitality management, I am going to do my foundation degree in business management next.”

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