Growth in Ireland

Krystal has her hands full finding new staff

Working her way up the career ladder, Krystal Schollick was recently appointed to the new position of personnel, training and recruitment manager (Ireland) – a role which she is relishing and enjoying.

With new pub openings continuing across Ireland, she has certainly had a very busy first few months in the job. 

Krystal said: “There is definitely a lot happening – and Ireland is unique for Wetherspoon, with a small number of pubs, currently, in a logistically large and spread-out area.

“Recruitment has been the main priority, with a great team helping me with the challenge.

“Once staff have been recruited, we can then get stuck in to the training side of things, ahead of our new pubs opening.”

That training is headed up by established lead trainer Colin Thompson and supported by experienced managers, including pub managers Phil Annett (The Bridge House, Belfast), Michael Morgan (The Central Bar, Carrickfergus) and Alice Treasure (The Spirit Merchant, Newtownards).

Krystal continued: “My role, which was postponed from March 2020, when the pandemic hit, is new to the company and is developing as we go along.

“However, as a pub manager previously, I had always taken great pleasure in seeing people develop and progress.”

Krystal marks 18 years’ service with Wetherspoon in 2022 and, having first started as a bar associate, knows at first hand about the opportunities and progression within the company.

“Now is the time to be joining Wetherspoon, with so many great career opportunities open to those who want them.”

Krystal Schollick

Originally from Northumberland, she moved in 2004 to her mum’s hometown of Coleraine to study at Ulster University Coleraine. A part-time weekend job at The Old Courthouse, Wetherspoon’s now-sold pub in the town, turned into an 18-year (so far) career.

Krystal spent four years at that pub, working her way up the career ladder, with subsequent spells in Carrickfergus and Newtownards, before taking on her first pub as manager in 2011 at The Spinning Mill (Ballymena) (now sold).

She returned to The Spirit Merchant (Newtownards) as manager four years ago, before taking on her new role.

Krystal said: “With the training and support which staff now have in place, new recruits will definitely come up through the ranks quicker than I did.

“With so much new development happening and so many opportunities opening up, we need to get staff ready for the roles and have people who are keen to step up and progress. Now is the time to be joining Wetherspoon, with so many great career opportunities open to those who want them.”

Krystal concluded: “Wetherspoon has great facilities and fantastic training in place, but it is the people who are amazing, particularly area managers Darren Niven and Dan Foster, as well as pub manager Alice Treasure, at my former pub – we make a good team.”

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