Pub manager

Reporting to: Area manager

Your role: at a glance

To take full responsibility for all aspects of managing a successful pub. To support, lead and motivate the team, in a safe and happy environment, to meet sales, profit and compliance targets.

  • To provide excellent customer service.
  • To serve food and drinks to the correct specification.
  • To adhere to all Wetherspoon standard operating procedures (SOPs) and company policies, to maintain a clean, safe and legal workplace.

Essential requirements

All of the training which we provide will teach you everything you need to know to succeed, but there are a few essential requirements you’ll need to start:

  • Have a proof of right to work in the place where you will be based (UK or ROI).
  • Have a bank account in your own name in the place where you will be based (UK or ROI).
  • Be able to converse in English and to understand the language to complete training and other duties associated with your job role.
  • Have a fixed place of residence within reasonable travelling distance of your place of work.
  • Basic computer literacy.
  • Have completed the Wetherspoon management academy.

About you

  • Demonstrate strong leadership qualities.
  • Be able to prioritise tasks and have good organisational skills to ensure that each shift runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • Delegate areas of responsibility to the team. Provide regular feedback to the person completing the task (identifying any areas for improvement, if necessary).
  • Demonstrate passion and enthusiasm in your role and show commitment to your colleagues, your pub and to Wetherspoon.
  • Have exceptional time management skills.
  • Have a strong work ethic and be self-motivated.
  • Have a friendly nature and excellent communications skills.
  • Manage the distribution of all company communications to the team quickly and effectively, in line with company policies.
  • Be honest, trustworthy and respectful.
  • Remain calm, when working in a high-pressure environment.
  • Adhere to and enforce Wetherspoon’s appearance standards.
  • Receive regular feedback from your area manager and achieve any actions agreed on.

A day in the life

Manage, motivate and support the team to achieve the company’s mission statement: ‘To have by far the best CQSMA standards in the pub world, to be the best company to work for and, by doing these things, to be the most profitable.’

  • Work in all areas of the pub to manage the team to deliver consistently high standards of cleanliness, quality, service, maintenance and atmosphere (CQSMA). Take full responsibility for CQSMA and call note results, identifying any training needs and managing those results which fall below expectations.
  • Take full responsibility to ensure that the pub’s opening and closing procedures are adhered to, in line with company policy. Adopt our stand-back-and-look (SBAL) approach to ensure that all areas are set up to meet the needs of the business. Ensure that all POS meets the current guidelines.
  • Maintain high levels of welcome, interaction and customer management on every shift. Book, manage and work with door staff, when applicable.
  • Be aware of, and knowledgeable about, all promotions, events, new pub products and initiatives. Share your knowledge with team members to ensure that they are kept up to date.
  • Take pride in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness by adopting our Clean As You Go (CAYG) philosophy for all areas:
    • Ensure that, throughout and at the end of every day, the kitchen is cleaned and maintained in accordance with guidelines on every kitchen check.
    • Ensure that all back-of-house, external and staff areas are cleaned and maintained to the expected standard.
    • Take full responsibility for back-of-house CQSMA results and, in a timely manner, put right all action points.
  • Review all customer feedback with the management team, identifying/actioning any training needs.
  • Maintain office administration in line with company policies and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), including full, correct and proper use of all duty manager’s log books, storage of paperwork, keys, CCTV, safe, blue-bag requirements and all other logs.
  • Ensure that the management team complies with these expected standards.
  • Take full responsibility for all financial results in the pub. Strive to achieve all financial targets (set internally or by the Wethercentre):
    • Forecast sales and all associated costs (eg hours) for relevant time frames (using the rolling forecast available).
    • Review and manage all aspects of the P&L (eg non-con, petty cash, maintenance, DJs, door staff).
    • Maximise all sales opportunities: complete the annual company sales plan (Get Me 15%) for your pub, get the team involved, use as a working document and strive to achieve all results.
    • Know your competitors and their current pricing/activities.
  • Know your customer base (local businesses, universities, shopping centres).
  • Take full responsibility for all stock results in the pub:
    • Manage the team to ensure that all food and drinks specifications are followed and that products are correctly dispensed.
    • Ensure that daily line checks are completed and all wastage recorded.
    • Maintain appropriate order levels and receive deliveries in line with company policy, ensuring full product availability at all times. Investigate and report any anomalies, as required.
    • Oversee the completion of weekly manager’s own stock (MOS), analyse and communicate results, introduce and manage any actions required for improvement (eg additional draught product free pour training).
  • Create a people-focused culture in your pub and take full responsibility in achieving all targets set out in the people audit:
    • Manage and maintain all aspects of the associate promise in the pub.
    • Identify recruitment needs, search and selection activities and the appointment of staff, in line with the company’s recruitment process. Ensure that all paperwork (including proof-of-right-to-work documentation) is certified, copied and filed, in line with UK Home Office or Irish National Immigration Service (depending where your pub is based) and company policies.
    • Oversee all pub inductions and ongoing staff training, including all e-learning.
    • Hold regular one-to-one meetings with the team to provide feedback and set agreed actions for improvement/development/progression to support a strong succession plan in the pub.
    • Manage all formal meetings in the pub (eg long-term sick meetings, disciplinaries/grievances). Respond promptly and appropriately to any staff concerns or grievances.
    • Effectively and proactively manage the daily performance and attendance of the team, at all times, in line with company policies, using performance management tools as detailed in the people management guide.
    • Manage accurate rota development, in line with sales and hours forecasts. Ensure that all rotas are issued two weeks in advance, in line with the associate promise. Be reactive with hours, in line with weekly sales.
  • Monitor and manage all maintenance issues and contractors.
  • Take part in weekly blue-bag/business review meetings with your area manager, agreeing on and achieving all set actions.
  • Carry out any reasonable task as requested by the area manager or Wethercentre, to meet the needs of the business.

Training and development

  • Complete the people management academy, including ongoing associated online training, within the stated time frames.
  • Host weekly managers’ meetings and regular team meetings and training sessions. Attend and participate in all area meetings or other external meetings (eg pubwatch).
  • Generate and share amazing ideas for improvements in your pub and across the company.
  • Embrace change in your pub and Wetherspoon.
  • Strive to achieve everything you can in the Wetherspoon action plan.

Career opportunities

If you would like to progress in Wetherspoon, our award-winning training programme offers you the skills and knowledge which you will need to proceed and succeed. Speak to your area manager about the opportunities available to you; these may include:

  • Wetherspoon apprenticeship academy
  • Catering academy
  • Area manager development programme

Learn new things, get recognised for your efforts and gain skills which will last for ever!

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