Amazing Amanda

Amazing Amanda celebrates 10 years at The Joseph Bramah.

We asked Amanda to tell us about her role and why she enjoys working at Wetherspoon.

“What I like about working at Wetherspoon is the atmosphere – it’s like a family. I also like the way we’re treated: if someone falls, we pick them up and start again together. We all have one another’s back, so when the going gets tough, we keep going forward.

Amanda Lewis celebrates 10 years at The Joseph Bramah in Barnsley.

When I first started, I felt out of my league and really overwhelmed, yet, with the help of my managers and colleagues, I started to relax and got into it. It took me a little while to learn the ropes, but everyone was so supportive that it really helped to build my confidence.

I love talking to the customers when I’m at work – and, now that we have the Wetherspoon app, I get to take drinks, as well as food, to customers, meaning that I have the chance to chat with even more people.

“I want to stay at Wetherspoon as long as I can. I have learned so much and feel capable of doing anything.”

Amanda Lewis

There are always new things happening – and I learn new things all the time.

At home, I like to colour, do diamond art and spend lots of family time watching TV shows together. I am 37 and have been to lots of schools and colleges to help to build my confidence and independence. At The Joseph Bramah, I really get to show what I can do.

Pub manager, Ben, says: “It was great to be able to celebrate Amanda’s 10 years’ service at the pub. She generally does 4–8 hours a week and is a firm favourite among customers. I look forward to supporting her in her role over the next 10 years!”

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